This is the standard resume form granted by LFR Korea. If you are going to send your English-based resume to us, please follow the rules and tips below.
This section includes your name and your contact information. You should make the contents align center in this section. Don't forget to write your personal E-mail address.
This section is notifying when you are available for the job. In this case, it would be best if you write the word "Immediately". The corporations do not wait until you are vacant.
This section is optional. Frankly, we think it is unnecessary and maybe a disadvantage for you. You don't need to restrict the industry fields you can cover by mentioning your concrete career objective.
The goal for this section is to show how sincere you are. So, if you have a good GPA, mention it. Among the courses taken, pick some related courses and coursework you have done. This could also be a plus.
If you have work experiences that continued more than one month, feel free to write them all, even though they seem trivial. The employer can find your persevering personality in your part-time job career at McDonalds'. If you have any outstanding experiences that continued less than one month, select a few from the priority order. Cover letter is necessary for those who have changed their careers too often.
Pay attention to the layout in this section. In the center, write the name of the firm/organization you were in. Underneath, mention your position in Italic font. On the third line, write what your tasks were in detail.
If you have good abilities concerning languages or computer skills, put them all in this section. High Toefl/Toeic/GRE scores is a plus. Don't use obscure words. Write your actual level and proficiency of the skills in detail.
All your qualifications and extra-curricular activities fits in this section. You can also show what your hobbies are in this section. Balance hobbies that have team activities with those that don't. This can help you be regarded to have a fair personality, not only cooperative but also independent. Your special travel experience is accepted here too.
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